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Ayurveda Diet Chart According to the Seasons


-Bitter, pungent , astringent taste.
-Light food items
-Honey, Barley, Wheat and alcoholic beverages.
-Water boiled with Shunthi/ Vijayasar.
-Take water with honey
-Shunthi, Ashwagandha and Pippali
-Kaphahara Churna and Kapha tea
-Sweet and sour taste.
-Heavy food items.
-Cold, oily and fatty food stuff
-Body detoxification procedure for Kapha.
-Massage with Kapha Massage powders.
-Body Mask with Chandana and Aguru.
-Can perform sexual activities as per the mood.
-To sleep in Day hours.

-Sweet taste.
-Cold, light, liquid food items.
-Naturally cold water, not that one chilled in refrigerators.
-Navar Rice.
-Milk, Indian Clarified Butter (Ghee).
-Coconut water and sugar.
-Mulethi, Chandana, Bala, Kraunch, Bilva
-Pungent, sour and salty tastes.
-Hot food stuff.
-Alcoholic beverages.
-Products with caffeine and nicotine.

-Stay in cold places, not too much chilled.
-Enjoy picnics at Water Falls and deep forests, near the nature.
-Light clothing.
-Sleeping in moon night(It gives coldness to body)
-Body mask of Chandana.
-Stay in sharp Sun Light.


-Add honey in all food items, which are not hot.
-Sour and salty tastes.
-Eat old rice, wheat and barley.
-Alcoholic beverages, added with a lot of water.
-Boil your water before drinking it.
-Ashwagandha, Mulethi
-Pittahara Churna and Pitta Herbal tea
-Avoid the foods which are heavy.
-Preserved food items.
-Fruits in excess.
-Detoxification of Pitta.
-Stay in clean and protected place from mosquitoes and rats etc.
-Massage with dry powders.
-Body mask of Aguru.
-To go to rivers, as these are wild in this season.
-Sleeping in day hours.
-Overindulgence of Sex.
-Walking in the dew
-Stay in direct sun light.


-Sweet, pungent and astringent taste.
-Cold and light food articles.
-Medicated Ghee.
-Navar Rice.
-Green gram.
-Amalaki, Resins, Mulethi, Shatavari.
-Pittahara Churna and Pitta tea.
-Heavy meals.
-Alcoholic drinks.

-Light and clean clothing.
-Enjoy moon light.
Body mask for Pitta having Khas-khas.
-Long stay in direct sunlight.
-Sleeping in day hours.
-Walking in dew.

                  Early winter

-Sweet, sour and salty taste.
-Heavy and oily food stuff.
-Grains of new crops
-Indian clarified butter
-Dairy products
-Light and restricted diet
-More pungent and astringent food items.
-Massage with herbal powders and with oils according to your Doshas.
-Enjoy indirect sunlight.
-Body mask having Aguru
-Use lukewarm water for all daily activities
-Laziness and leisure
-Dryness increasing activities.
-To stay in direct air.
                 Late Winter

Follow the regimes of early winter
Follow the regimes of early winter
Follow the regimes of early winter
Follow the regimes of early winter

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