Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Ayurveda and Women's Health

Woman's physiology is sensitive to the rhythms and cycles of nature. It becomes necessary for her to tune the body, according to the changes in nature. Maharishi Ayurveda is a complete
health care system especially for women as it is based on the natural law. woman should follow the principles of Ayurveda to prevent problems arising from the changes in hormones in her life. It suggests natural methods to treat her most common problems like menstrual disorders
vaginitis, cervicitis, leucorrhoea, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, PCOD, fibro adenoma of breast, menopausal syndrome etc...

Ayurveda gives the knowledge to take care of the woman from puberty to menopause. It has the best natural health supplements and methods to manage changes and disturbances in the body like premenstrual syndrome in menarche, morning sickness in pregnancy, baby blues after delivery, mood swings in menopause etc..

Ayurveda also suggests natural herbal formulas to take care of their skin and beauty.

Menstrual cycle:  The physiology undergoes lots of hormonal changes during her cycle.
Ayurveda has natural supplements to enrich the action of hormones. It is ideal to deal with all menstrual disorders without any side effects, especially like weight gain. Maharishi Ayurveda has RESTONE, an herbal preparation to manage all menstrual disorders. It regulates smooth and comfortable menstrual cycle, balances negative effects of hormonal fluctuation, and helps with cramps and premenstrual syndrome. It naturally elevates the energy level.

Pregnancy:  Woman is blessed with the divinity of maternity. It is a great responsibility to give birth to a healthy child who later develops satvic quality and gets strong mentally and physically.. 

Ayurveda has unique herbal preparations to take care of prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care.
Prenatal care involves certain guidelines for couples as a description of correct time and way of sexual intercourse and certain rasayanas for men and women to increase their reproductive capacity.

Antenatal care involves particular diet and regimen to follow during pregnancy and management of cravings and problems during pregnancy. Certain herbs are given for prevention of abortions and further to make the labor easy.

Postnatal care involves diet and regimen to ensure purity and quality of breast milk and bringing health and beauty of the mother.

Menopause: According to Ayurveda it is not a disease. Accumulation of ama or toxins prevents the body in adjusting to the hormonal changes. Easy transition is bought by cleansing the body by Panchakarma therapies or certain herbal preparations.
Management of hot flushes is best done by reducing beta and clearing the channels so that the heat is well regulated in the body.

Bone tissues are strengthened by flushing out toxins, enhancing metabolism and assimilating nutrients so that osteoporosis is avoided.

Ayurveda suggests rejuvenative therapy to slow down the ageing process.

Physical and emotional stress: Present day woman are more stressed than ever. Ladies prefer to work like men and become self reliant or contribute to families earning. There is a lot of misconception in regards nutrition in educating persons hence health status is going down.
Strong emotional stress is best managed by Ayurveda in a smooth manner. Practice of abstract Meditation movement,

Yoga and certain rasayana preparations are best in managing physical and emotional stress, which is the most common cause of many woman problems.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Leech Therapy for Acne

Since ancient times, leeches were used to treat many illness and disease through bloodletting. Sushruta included bloodletting procedure under fine bio-purification procedures stating that the removal of impure blood from the body treats the root cause of the sufferings.

Leech therapy is used for many diseases e.g. Arthritis, Varicose Veins, Deep Vein thrombosis, Ulcers, Abscess and various skin diseases including Acne.

In Ayurvedic texts Acne is mentioned as “Yuvan Pidika”. Ayurveda considers vata, pitta and kapha as three doshas which are building blocks of body constitution and it deals with the disease by applying various medical, surgical and par surgical methods of treatments to balance these three doshas.

The etiopathology of the disease yuvan pidika is considered to be due to vitiated blood (Rakta Dushti) along with kapha and vata. Vitiated kapha blocks the normal excretory function of skin and get the waste material stagnated inside, producing symptoms like itching, pustules and module formation. Vitiated Rakta that also get stagnated,and produce multiple eruptions, redness, raised local temperature, thick bloody discharge and abscess. To get rid of the problem, the pathophysiology of the disease should be break down and for this purpose the disease causing vitiated doshas should be either removal from the body or to be pacified with local or systemic medication.

Leech therapy is a well accepted treatment for vitiated Rakta dosha. As the circulating blood acts as a carrier of vitiated doshas,and  responsible for the disease producing pathology. The process of removing this stagnated blood i.e leech therapy will prove significant to treat the disease. Leech when applied at the site of the disease, removes the stasis of blood. It also improves the micro circulation to the tissues by removing stagnated blood. Leech therapy also improves capillary tissue perfusion and thus supplying proper oxygen and nourishment to the skin.

Hence, we conclude that leech therapy is the best alternative in treating acne, and even surpasses pharmacological treatments.