Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Eye Care with Panchkarma - Ayurveda Treatments

Eyes, being the most important organ in our body need a special care. Specially, in this running lifestyle where we are working al days long and majorly we are straining our eyes by working a lot on computers and other electronic gadgets, our eye needs rest, care and some detoxification and lubrication time to time.

Along with several eye exercises, Ayurveda recommends one of the most effective treatments (Eye Care with Panchkarma) which is called as Netra Tarpana.

Netra means eyes and Tarpana means nourishment so this is a treatment where nourishment of eyes is done. This nourishment is in turn to providing lubrication to eye muscles and optic nerve with the help of medicated ghee.

In this process, a special type of wall is built around eyes with dough of  Urad flour. And then medicated ghee is poured on eyes and then the eyes are blinked. The person is made to lie on the droni, the dough which is prepared by using prescribed gram flour is placed around both the eyes and precautions are taken so that the medicated ghee does not spill from the dough which is placed around the eyes.

Then the Luke warm medicated gritha is poured in to it, and made to stay for at least 5 min, then squeezed out and replaced with warm medicated ghee.
This procedure is performed for 20 to 25 minutes.

Benefits of Netra Tarpana :

  • ·        Nourishes the eyes
  • ·        Strengthens the nerves and muscles of the eyes
  • ·        Gives  freshness to the eyes
  • ·        Increases the circulation of the facial muscles and Facial nerves.
  • ·        Balances the dryness in eyes.
  • ·        Helps in improving the dimness of stressed eyes.
  • ·        Helpful in optic neuritis, early cataract, macular degeneration, and Bell’s palsy patients.

Clinical Indications:

  • ·        Refractive errors. Stiffness and roughness of the eye
  • ·        Corneal ulcers
  • ·        Dry eyes.
  • ·        Cataract
  • ·        Watery eyes.
  • ·        Glaucoma
  • ·        Night blindness
  • ·        Ptosis
  • ·        Computer vision syndrome
  • ·        Eye strain.
  • ·        Conjunctivitis.

Netra Tarpana is not only for the treatment of eye diseases but is a very effective prevention method which helps eyes in cleanliness, rejuvenation and perfect eyesight.

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